OBD/I Code 159 For Azlk Moskvitch

The following is some common obd code description for easy troubleshooting, there are others also you can check.
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Other Symptoms Of OBD Code 159 For Azlk Moskvitch

Before troubleshooting the code-159, please view other descriptions of it.

(O,R) MAF sensor is/was out of range - MAF


Error Code :159 CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication line for real time application. It is an on-vehicle multiplex communication line with high data communication speed and excellent error detection ability. Many electronic control units are equipped onto a vehicle, and each control unit shares information and links with other control units during operation (not independent).

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is the control center of the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system,ECM judge the purpose of driver according to the input signal of accelerator pedal position sensor,then calcuate the correspinding throttle response value according to the input of the throttle position sensor.

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